Obstetrical care at WHA is led by our integrated team of certified nurse-midwives and OB/GYN physicians. During your pregnancy, you may also see a nurse practitioner or physician assistant for care. Your provider and their entire support team of nurses, medical assistants and office staff will be here to provide you with information and expertise and will thoughtfully guide you through the incredible journey of pregnancy.

Throughout your care your team will:

  • Help you understand how to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.
  • See you at intervals designed to provide the right care and information at the right time.
  • Assure you receive important screening tests and exams and that you understand the results.
  • Provide the information and support you need to make decisions about your pregnancy, childbirth and transition to parenthood.
  • Monitor you and your baby’s health throughout pregnancy and recommend any additional testing or specialist consultations that may be needed.
  • Care for you during labor and childbirth at one of eight hospitals or our Midwifery Birth Center.
  • Assure your physical and mental recovery following birth.
  • Be with you on your journey to parenthood.

The multitude of information, choices and changes (physical and emotional) that comes along with becoming a parent can make the experience feel a bit overwhelming. But, despite all of the opinions out there, there is no one right way to do it. Let’s work together to find the right path for you. Learn more about what to expect from your care during pregnancy:

Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

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Leah Miller, CNM, IBCLC, MN - External Hospital-Only Nurse-Midwife, Midwifery

Leah Miller, CNM, IBCLC, MN

External Hospital-Only Nurse-Midwife Midwifery
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If you’re pregnant and want to begin care at WHA–or need to schedule an appointment during your pregnancy, call us! Find a provider and location here.

Please have your insurance information handy before you begin scheduling.

This will allow our teams to check whether your plan may require a referral for the care you need or to prepare benefits information to share with you at your visit. If you do not enter insurance information when scheduling, you may be asked to pay a $200-$500 deposit before receiving service.