Your Electronic Health Record

WHA uses an electronic health record system to better coordinate your care. Learn more about what that means here.

Your Epic electronic health record. WHA is part of the shared Legacy Epic electronic health medical record. That means that healthcare providers at any Legacy hospital or doctor’s office—or another independent practice that is part of the Legacy Epic system—can see the care you received at WHA and vice-versa. This helps us more easily consider your health status and medical history when making recommendations and to better coordinate your ongoing care with other providers. It also helps us avoid duplicating tests and procedures that have been performed elsewhere and gives you access to your health information all in one place.

Care Everywhere©. Care Everywhere is a Health Information Exchange platform that your WHA care team can use to access information about care you have received outside the Legacy computer network and vice-versa. This could be at another local healthcare provider, such as a Providence hospital or medical office, or anywhere the Epic software system or another compatible electronic medical record is used.

Test results. If you are signed up for MyHealth, you may see your normal test results even before your provider does. If you have any questions about what you’re seeing, feel free to message your care team in MyHealth.

If there are mild abnormalities in your results, the provider who is most familiar with your care will most likely review them. He or she—or their nurse or medical assistant—will contact you to discuss the results any changes your provider recommends to your care plan. If your provider is out of the office for a prolonged period of time, someone else may review your results and recommend next steps.

If we discover something critical in your lab results that needs to be addressed quickly and your provider is not available, one of his or her colleagues may review your results. You could receive a call from another provider or nurse to discuss the results and recommendations.

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All Patient Resources

New Patient Checklist

Remember when mom made sure you had everything you needed? Think of this as mom’s checklist—only shorter.

Accepted Insurance

WHA takes Medicaid, Medicare and most commercial insurance plans. Check the list of insurance companies WHA is contracted with here.

Wellbeing Assessment and Other Online Forms

Help us get to know you before your visit or get reacquainted if it’s been a while. If you need to complete a wellbeing assessment, a urogynecology intake form—or any other online forms, you’ll have a notification in your MyHealth account.

Urgent Visits, Advice, and After-hours Help

Life happens and we’re here when it does. Learn more about what to do when you think you need to be seen urgently, need to speak with an advice nurse or need to speak with a provider after hours.

Your Electronic Health Record

WHA is part of the Legacy Epic computer system for scheduling, medical records and billing. Learn more about what that means for you.

Insurance Lingo and Billing Stuff

Does it sometimes feel like you need a degree in insurance to even understand your statement? Think of this as a crash course to help you understand how we bill for services and what questions to ask your insurance provider.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Every good relationship has clear expectations—and we want this to be a very good relationship! Learn more about what you can expect from us and vice versa.

Medical Records Release Form

If you would like to transfer your records to provider outside of WHA, download and complete this form. If you have a MyHealth account, you can also request your records there.

Voiding Diary

If you’re seeing one of our urogynecologists to talk about urinary incontinence, we may ask you to keep track of things for a while before your visit. Download a copy of the voiding diary here.

Patient Survey Program

If you have a visit in one of our offices, you could be asked to provide feedback through an online survey. Learn more about what we do with the information here.

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