Masks are still required.

Although Oregon's indoor mask mandate expired on March 11th, they are still required in healthcare facilities.

Isolation period for people with symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test

Please note: Unless medically necessary, WHA is not seeing patients in office for 10 days following the onset of symptoms associated with COVID-19 or a positive COVID-19 test in the absence of symptoms. Because we care for people at a higher risk of developing severe illness with COVID-19, we are not following CDC’s abbreviated (five-day) isolation option.

Thank you for scheduling your visit. WHA follows current COVID-19 guidance from the Oregon Health Authority, which can change. Please check back for the latest information and call our office if you have any questions before your visit.  Check in 15 minutes early and bring your insurance card and photo ID. Here are a few other important reminders:

Please plan to come to your visit alone

We are taking every step we can to keep our staff, providers and patients healthy, including limiting the people in our office to only those necessary. In situations where you need personal assistance at your visit, we can accommodate up to one healthy adult support person.


Everyone will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 prior to entering our office. Symptoms include: cough, sore throat, fever of 100.4 or higher, and congestion. If you have symptoms, we will make arrangements to care for you safely—which may mean rescheduling your visit. We are very sorry, but we cannot allow support people or children with symptoms in our offices.


Facemasks are still required in healthcare facilities for all people age 2 and older. Medical procedure masks are widely available, easy to wear and proven to be more effective at preventing the spread of illness than fabric masks. If you arrive wearing a fabric mask or poorly fitting mask of any kind, our staff will give you a medical procedure mask to wear while you’re in our building. Please make sure it covers your mouth and nose completely and leave it on at all times.

Masks with air vents or wearing face shields alone do not contain the smallest particles that you exhale when you breathe. If you arrive wearing only a face shield or your mask has vents, we will give you a medical procedure mask to wear. You can use this together with your face shield or you can wear it over the top of your vented mask, if you wish.

Check Accepted

If you’re pregnant and want to begin care at WHA–or need to schedule an appointment during your pregnancy, call us! Find a provider and location here.

Please have your insurance information handy before you begin scheduling.

This will allow our teams to check whether your plan may require a referral for the care you need or to prepare benefits information to share with you at your visit. If you do not enter insurance information when scheduling, you may be asked to pay a $200-$500 deposit before receiving service.