Virtual Visits at WHA

Officially, the term telehealth can refer to either a phone or video appointment (also known as a ‘virtual visit’). Most health care providers have always done a lot of health care over the phone: discussing test results and making care plans with their patients, answering questions and taking calls at night.

But providers want to see their patients. They appreciate a video chat over a phone call because it helps them connect with you. They’re able to read your body language to better judge how you’re doing. As they ask questions, they can observe certain physical systems, such as your breathing. They can assess wounds, lesions and rashes using video, and a video call allows easier participation of partners and loved ones.

Internet video technology allows our providers to do many of the same things they would at an office visit. During COVID-19, video visits are also an important way we can help minimize trips to public spaces where you might be exposed to the novel coronavirus or you might (unknowingly) expose others. During your telehealth visit, you and your provider will also talk about whether you need to be seen in person. If you do, we’ll schedule you for an office visit at one of our open locations.

WHA offers video visits for behavioral and mental health therapy, gynecology and pregnancy care—and we can often get you scheduled on the same day. Call our office to speak with our team about whether a virtual visit is right for you.


Get ready for your video visit
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If you’re pregnant and want to begin care at WHA–or need to schedule an appointment during your pregnancy, call us! Find a provider and location here.

Please have your insurance information handy before you begin scheduling.

This will allow our teams to check whether your plan may require a referral for the care you need or to prepare benefits information to share with you at your visit. If you do not enter insurance information when scheduling, you may be asked to pay a $200-$500 deposit before receiving service.