Before Your Appointment: Telehealth Video Visits

Because of post-pandemic state-by-state licensing requirements, you must be physically located in the state of Oregon at the time of your telehealth visit in most cases. Learn more below.

New! Your Physical Location During Your Telehealth Appointment Matters

Following the end of the pandemic and public health emergency, WHA clinicians can no longer provide care in states where they are not licensed. This means you must be physically located in the state of Oregon during your telehealth appointment. If you cannot be in the state of Oregon at the time of your visit, please contact us to reschedule.

There are a few exceptions to this rule:

  • Our behavioral health therapists and maternal-fetal medicine physicians are licensed in both Oregon and Washington, so you may be located in either state at the time of your visit.
  • You may be located anywhere during a prenatal intake appointment, which is a telehealth visit with a member of our medical staff that occurs at the beginning of most pregnancy care.

To comply with requirements, your clinician will verify and document your physical location during your visit.

Tips for Joining Your Telehealth Visit

Your provider will send a text message to your smartphone when they’re ready to start the appointment. At or shortly after your scheduled time, you’ll receive a text message on your smartphone. Just click the link in the message and you will be connected to your visit by secure video chat.

Connect to your visit from a quiet, private location with good cell service or reliable wi-fi. We know this can be challenging, but please do the best you can.

Use headphones (the kind with a built in microphone) for the best audio quality. If you are not able to use headphones, avoid resting your phone on a surface that blocks the speaker and/or microphone during your visit. (In our experience, this results in one or both parties sounding like Alvin from the Chipmunks.) And if your audio sounds strange right when you connect to your visit, just keep talking–most of the time that resolves in a couple seconds. Something else that can help: update your iPhone operating system if you are prompted to.

Please answer your phone if you get a call from our office the day of your visit. On the day of your visit, you may receive a call from a WHA medical assistant within two hours before your appointment to go over important details of your medical history. This will help make sure you and your provider have the time you need to focus on your care. If you receive a pre-appointment call, please take a few minutes to speak with our team so that you are able to receive the greatest benefit from your time with the provider.

Billing. This is a regular visit. Your provider will ask questions to evaluate your health or condition and will work with you to create a care plan, when needed. They will help you understand important information about your health or diagnosis and will give you the opportunity to ask questions. We will bill your insurance company, when appropriate, just like we would for an in-person appointment. Depending on your benefits, you could be responsible for a co-payment or deductible and co-insurance requirements. (If a co-payment is due, our office will contact you to pay by phone 1-2 days after your visit.)

Check Accepted

If you’re pregnant and want to begin care at WHA–or need to schedule an appointment during your pregnancy, call us! Find a provider and location here.

Please have your insurance information handy before you begin scheduling.

This will allow our teams to check whether your plan may require a referral for the care you need or to prepare benefits information to share with you at your visit. If you do not enter insurance information when scheduling, you may be asked to pay a $200-$500 deposit before receiving service.