In January, Oregonians will have the opportunity to vote on Ballot Measure 101. A “yes” vote helps preserve funding for the Oregon Health Plan through a small tax on hospitals, insurance companies and managed care organizations. If Measure 101 fails, our state is facing a $210 million budget shortfall that will result in cuts to Medicaid, among other health benefits for low income Oregonians.

WHA has joined other healthcare and community organizations throughout the state in supporting the Yes for Healthcare campaign. We stand with Legacy Health, Providence Health and Services, Kaiser Permanente, the Oregon Medical Association, the Oregon Nurses Association and many others in our commitment to healthcare for all Oregonians.

“It is important to me personally to be able to continue serving all women,” said Chief Medical Officer Marni Carlyle, MD, “I don’t want to imagine my practice or my role at WHA with limitations on this. I believe caring for vulnerable women makes me a better provider and a better person. I believe it makes WHA a more compassionate and more innovative organization.”

Please join us in protecting healthcare for Oregonians. Learn more and vote in the January, 2018 special election.