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WHA has been committed to providing the very best in obstetrics and gynecology to people in Portland for more than 75 years. Our intention is, and has always been, to provide every person with the information, support and medical care they need to make the choices that are right for them and their unique wellness journey.

In 2011, Women’s Clinic, PC, Women’s Health Center of Oregon, PC and Women’s Healthcare Associates, LLC, became one and we are proud to have a collective history that includes decades of leadership in the medical community and unparalleled service to our patients.

On Portland’s eastside, our presence dates back to the 1940s and Lloyd Center Women’s Clinic. In the 1990s, Lloyd Center joined Portland Women’s Clinic and became Women’s Clinic, PC (and is now our Lloyd District office). This group and its founders were the first in Portland to use routine Pap smears to screen for cervical cancer; the first in the area to perform extensive surgeries for gynecological cancers and the first practice on the eastside to include a female OB/GYN. That’s a nice collection of firsts—and we’re very proud of each and every one. Further south, Women’s Health Center of Oregon (our present day Oregon City office) had been serving people in Clackamas County since it was established in 1987 and was the first practice in the area to include midwives. (Fun fact: this eastside practice had the largest midwifery group in Oregon for more than 20 years.)

On Portland’s westside, we’ve been obsessed with providing quality care since the 1960s when the West Hills Women’s Clinic was established near Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. This group, plus the Lake Grove Women’s Clinic (1978), Westside Women’s Clinic (1986) and the Zuelke Women’s Clinic (1988) combined under the name Women’s Healthcare Associates, PC in 1993. The group became part of MedPartners in 1996 and was joined by Northwest Perinatal Center. After operating as part of a managed care system for 2½ years, the group separated from MedPartners and became Women’s Healthcare Associates, LLC (that’s us–WHA) in 1999.

(In case you’re skimming over all the various names and dates we’re dropping, the gist of it is that we’ve been supporting women and other people who need our care in the Portland area for a long, long time.)

Between 1999 and 2011, WHA expanded to include four OB/GYN offices, two gynecology centers of excellence (Northwest Gynecology Center) and a separate office for Northwest Perinatal Center. Having offered mammography services since 1993, in 2003 we added bone density scanning, as well. We transitioned to electronic practice management and medical records in 2007. In 2008, we established our Central Lab to perform all chemistry, hematology, immunology, serology and blood bank testing for our patients, allowing us to control the quality, timeliness and integration of lab results into our EMR. We began providing office surgery in late 2007 and first received accreditation for our office surgery practice in 2009.

Like you, we continue to change and grow. We opened a second location of Northwest Perinatal Center near Providence Portland Medical Center to serve the eastside and we expanded into Hillsboro in 2016 to serve the growing communities in the west. In 2017, we opened our first Midwifery Birth Center offering natural, out-of-hospital birth (the first stand-alone birth center in Portland to be integrated into a full-scope private OB/GYN practice). The same year we opened our Happy Valley office and several years later we were thrilled to welcome the clinicians and staff of the former Bridgeview Women’s Health in northwest Portland to our team to become WHA’s Bridgeview office.

Throughout our continual growth and evolution, the staff and providers of WHA cherish—above all—the long-term relationships we’ve developed with our patients and their families. We strive to meet their healthcare needs throughout all phases of life and look forward to serving the Portland metropolitan region for decades to come—one amazing (incredible, glorious, wonderful and beautiful) person at a time.

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