In an effort to demonstrate its commitment to quality, excellence and serving the community, Women’s Healthcare Associates (WHA) achieved accreditation for its Midwifery Birth Center on June 9, 2017. To become accredited, WHA’s services, systems and protocols at the birth center were evaluated by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC), which measures the quality of care offered in a particular birth center against national standards of quality care. This voluntary process is in addition to and exceeds the requirements of being a state-licensed birth center. WHA’s Midwifery Birth Center is one of two accredited out-of-hospital birth centers in the Portland area and one of five currently accredited in Oregon.

The CABC, founded in 1985, is the only national accrediting body solely dedicated to the assessment and accreditation of birth centers. The CABC is comprised of consumers and professionals in the fields of midwifery, obstetrics, family practice, nursing, neonatalogy, pediatrics and health care administration.

Accreditation is mark of excellence – a signal to families, insurers, regulators and other health care providers that the center has been reviewed by outside evaluators and found to provide consistent high quality care. Birth centers in the United States have become accredited since 1985.

The WHA’s Midwifery Birth Center opened its doors on February 13th, 2017. Since welcoming the first babes in April, the birth center has supported a total of 10 births onsite. It is located at 10566 SE Washington Street and schedules tours and consultations daily. For more information, please visit