Justice. Dignity. Respect. Ideals many of us are able to take for granted. As we witness and share in the heartbreak and frustration here at home and throughout the country, we condemn the violent acts and daily injustices suffered by African Americans and other people of color in our community. As healthcare providers, we cannot ignore the role that violence, historic oppression and marginalization play in emotional and physical wellbeing and generational health. As humans, we cannot ignore our sisters and brothers and the prejudice and dangers they face every day. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Fighting racism and inequality is not just our social and moral obligation, but our professional duty as those sworn with special obligations to all our fellow human beings. WHA is committed to helping create a community that is safe from racism and discrimination. We are committed to listening and educating ourselves, recognizing and working against unconscious bias, and, in partnership with our care teams and community, enacting systemic changes to better serve those impacted by historic oppression and racism. We recognize we have much work to do. This week, we are making a donation to the Black Parent Initiative. Please join us in making your own commitment and supporting a non-profit in service to anti-racism and equality.