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Why do we celebrate Black History Month?

We take this dedicated time to reflect back on the 400+ years of the African American history in this country. We celebrate the achievements and contributions and remember the struggles that were overcome. It’s also a time to remind ourselves of the struggles that still exist today.

Why was February chosen as Black History Month?

Carter G. Woodson first created Negro History Week in 1926 to coincide with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass (2/14) and Abraham Lincoln (2/12). In 1976, President Ford formally recognized February as Black History Month.

Did you know there is a new theme every year?

For 2022, the theme is “Black Health and Wellness,” promoting “the legacy of not only Black scholars and medical practitioners in Western medicine, but also other ways of knowing (e.g., birth workers, doulas, midwives, naturopaths, herbalists. etc.) throughout the African Diaspora. The 2022 theme considers activities, rituals and initiatives that Black communities have done to be well.” (

How to celebrate, recognize and honor Black history: