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Spring Clean Your Routine: 4 Tips for Losing Weight This Season

At Women’s Healthcare Associates, we know the importance of healthy weight management.

4 Weight Loss TipsHeart disease remains the leading cause of death among women, and being overweight is one of the greatest risk factors. Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight has numerous physiological benefits—and quite often psychological benefits too. Anyone who’s tried, though, knows it’s harder than it sounds. This season, while most of us are sweeping and scrubbing our homes, use the great weather to your advantage and consider a few of these tips to freshen your routine.

1. Enlist Help

You can clean a house on your own, but having your spouse or children help tidy rooms and dust hard-to-reach fixtures finishes the job a lot faster. Losing weight is also easier with a buddy. Find a friend who also wants to lose weight this season, and do it together. If you haven’t exercised regularly in a long time, starting off small with a friend or spouse makes the transition smoother and the workouts less intimidating. Every dieter slips up from time to time, but having someone you can call when you’re tempted can make your lapses less frequent.

2. Throw Away Junk (Food)

Weight Loss Tips - Portland, Oregon Women's HealthSpring-cleaning provides a yearly opportunity to throw out all the clutter you’ve accumulated for 12 months. It can be a great time to purge your pantry and refrigerator of junk foods, too. We’ve offered tips for healthier eating in the past, but you probably know which snacks in your home aren’t helping you lose weight. To avoid the temptation, it’s safest to get them out of the house by donating unopened nonperishables to a food pantry or giving them to a neighbor. Replace them with washed and cut veggies and fresh fruit so you always have something healthy close at hand.

3. Air Out Your Lungs

After months of damp winter, simply opening the windows can give your home a fresh, clean feeling. Give your body some air, too! Especially if the idea of starting an “exercise” or “fitness” regimen is daunting to you, think about anything from a walk to a bike ride as an opportunity to air out your lungs. Such endeavors will refresh and inspire you to increase your daily activity levels.

4. Photograph the Before

Big spring projects like rearranging your attic, painting rooms or planting a garden require motivation to stay on course. “Before” photos reveal how far you’ve come better than anything else. They work just as well when trying to lose weight. An unflattering photo can remind you why you’re losing weight in the first place. And, as you make progress toward your goal, photos will show just how dramatic an effect losing five, ten, or twenty really has, which will keep you motivated to lose more.

Weight loss can require more drastic changes, which you should discuss with your healthcare provider first. To find one near you and schedule an appointment, contact a provider here today!

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