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Pioneering Doctor Thomas Flath Retires from Women's Healthcare Associates, LLC

Dec 20, 2012

Dr. Thomas Flath, OB/GYN, Portland, OregonThomas O. Flath, MD, FACOG, retires on December 31st after 35 years of practicing medicine in the greater Portland metropolitan area. During that time, he has welcomed many babies into the world, including multiple generations of the same family.

Dr. Flath obtained his medical degree from the University of Iowa in 1973, completing his residency at Oregon Health & Science University. He is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and spent his working years pursuing general obstetrics and gynecology, as well as ultrasound and infertility.

Dr. Flath was on the ground level of what Women’s Healthcare Associates has become today. A member of the Portland Women’s Clinic, which he joined in 1977, he was also part of the merger with the Lloyd Center Women’s Clinic in 1991, which in turn became Women’s Clinic, PC in 1993. Women’s Health Center of Oregon and Women’s Clinic, PC joined Women’s Healthcare Associates in 2011, becoming the largest private medical practice in Oregon.

“Dr. Flath and I completed our specialty training at OHSU the same year,” says Women’s Healthcare Associates Chief Medical Officer Daniel Schrinsky, MD, “We’ve been part of the same professional community for decades—and that’s a long time! When we began discussing merging practices two years ago, it was a no brainer. It has been an honor to share this part of our careers; the women’s healthcare community is losing a very valuable and distinguished member.”

Over the years, Dr. Flath has been part of a group of influential specialists in the Portland community, including a team with the skills for more extensive surgery required for patients with gynecologic cancers, something relatively unheard of during the 1970s. His partners also included the first female OB/GYN on Portland’s eastside. With last year’s merger with Women’s Healthcare Associates, Dr. Flath finishes his distinguished career among physicians he first trained and practiced with so many years ago.

“I have a fishing boat that’s been in storage for more than six years and it’s coming out January 2nd,” says Flath with a chuckle. “My plan is to focus my attention on my family and continue to stay active in our community by volunteering. But first I’ll do nothing! And then figure out exactly what’s next--but I don’t see a rocking chair in my future any time soon.”