Childbirth Education Classes

Everything you want to know about welcoming your baby into the world

While every birth is unique, understanding generally what to expect during labor can help put your mind at ease and set the stage for an enjoyable birth experience—for you and your partner or birth coach. This informative session will break down the stages and physical changes you’ll experience during labor, positions and other coping techniques and pain management and possible interventions.

Preparing for childbirth

To help you better understand what to expect during labor, delivery and postpartum, WHA offers a 2½-hour childbirth education class at our Peterkort campus co-taught by our registered nurse educator and a doula from the community. Together, they bring medical knowledge and many years of experience supporting women and families through the process of birth.

The session includes information on the anatomy and physiology of labor and delivery. You and your birth partner will learn a variety of labor coping skills and comfort measures. Breathing and relaxation techniques are discussed, as well as your options for medication and epidural anesthesia. We cover all aspects of the birthing process, including dealing with unexpected situations.

Other topics include packing for the hospital, when to go to the hospital, what to expect when you arrive and what to have at home for your comfort when you return.

If you’re planning to give birth at the Midwifery Birth Center, part of your care includes a four-part, in-depth series on preparing for natural childbirth. If you’re part of our Pathways prenatal care program at any location, one of your Pathways group visit options covers birth preparation.

How and when do I enroll?

You should schedule your class so you are able to complete it during your third trimester by your 37th week of pregnancy. Ask your provider if you have any questions about the right timing for you. Call our office or ask about upcoming classes when you check out. The cost is $40 for you and a support person and is collected when you schedule.

What should I bring to class?

It is not necessary to bring any specific items to class. However, you may wish to bring writing materials for taking notes and a snack or something to drink. Please, no children.

What if I am on bed rest?

If you are on limited activity or bed rest, please talk with your provider about attending the class.

Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

The journey to motherhood can be one of the most wonderful times in a woman’s life. It can also be a time filled with uncomfortable questions and concerns (why is your belly button doing that?!). From conception to birth plans, prenatal screenings to postpartum visits and midwives to physicians—we’re passionate about finding the path that’s right for you.

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If you’re pregnant and want to begin care at WHA–or need to schedule an appointment during your pregnancy, call us! Find a provider and location here.

Please have your insurance information handy before you begin scheduling.

This will allow our teams to check whether your plan may require a referral for the care you need or to prepare benefits information to share with you at your visit. If you do not enter insurance information when scheduling, you may be asked to pay a $200-$500 deposit before receiving service.