Miriam Hunter, MA, LCPC, LPC - Therapist, Behavioral & Mental Health, Portland, OR

Miriam Hunter, MA, LCPC, LPC



Behavioral & Mental Health

Provider Bio

Miriam Hunter, MA, LPC is a behavioral health clinician with Women's Healthcare Associates in Portland, Oregon.

From the Provider

“Becoming a mother was life changing for me and led me to focus on perinatal mental health in my career. What I find most rewarding about this work is helping people experiencing pregnancy and postpartum depression and/or anxiety to feel less alone in what they’re going through—to see there is a pathway out of where they’re at to a place where they can feel empowered to take the steps they need to feel better.”

About the Provider

Miriam spent 10 years as a mental health therapist in pediatric oncology before turning her focus to perinatal mental health. Having her own child really opened her eyes to the particular challenges of pregnancy and the postpartum period, and the significant importance of mental health support during the perinatal stage of life. She is passionate about creating a safe and healing space for women in order to help them cope with and adjust to what can be an unexpected time in their lives. Her goal is to help women who are on this journey to find ways that they can begin to feel like themselves again.

In addition to her therapy practice, Miriam was a member of the board of Postpartum Support International’s Idaho chapter and has also co-authored resources and articles to help pregnant and postpartum parents, including Hey Mama, Tips for YOU during pregnancy and postpartum and Being a mom is tough – why not add a pandemic into the mix? When she’s not pursuing her professional passion, Miriam enjoys listening to podcasts, spending time with friends and discovering new places with her family.


  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Idaho Licensing Board of Professional Counselors, 2017
  • Licensed Professional Counselor, Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists, 2021


  • Graduate Degree:

    Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology, Lewis & Clark College, 2005

  • Undergraduate Degree:

    Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, Linfield College, 1999

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