Updated: March 25, 2020, 5:00PM

For the safety of our patients, staff and providers, Women’s Healthcare Associates (WHA) is making the following changes:

Guests are not allowed at any appointments at WHA beginning Friday, March 27th. Following the lead of many area hospitals, we are doing our part to limit unnecessary exposure for you, your loved ones and our staff and clinicians. This restriction includes obstetric ultrasound appointments. We know these visits are exciting and special for you and your family; because of this, while the no-guest restriction is in place, we will allow you to Facetime or Skype with a family member during the appointment. We respectfully ask that you not include your sonographer in the call so they are able to focus on performing this important medical exam to the best of their ability. As always, video recording is not allowed during the exam.

Essential gynecology and obstetric visits for patients WITHOUT cold or flu symptoms, possible COVID-19 exposure or fever will take place at one of four WHA sites: Peterkort North, Northwest Perinatal Center West, Northwest Perinatal Center East, and Tualatin. All other offices will be closed for patient care so we can consolidate critical resources. If you are healthy and have an essential visit scheduled, we will contact you to reschedule it at one of these locations. Your visit may or may not be with your regular provider. You will be screened for symptoms, possible exposure and fever before entering our office.

Essential gynecology and obstetric visits for patients WITH symptoms, possible exposure or fever will take place at our Northwest Gynecology Center, Peterkort office. If you are scheduled at another location and develop symptoms before your visit, please call ahead to be rescheduled. Our staff will give you instructions on how to proceed.

The Midwifery Birth Center remains open for births. At this time, we are able to accommodate partners and one additional labor support person, if desired, who must leave following your birth. No symptomatic patients or guests will be allowed; if you are a birth center patient and develop symptoms, please contact us. We will work closely with you on another care plan. If our ability to staff or resource the birth center safely becomes compromised, we will work with all current patients to make alternate plans.

All group visits, including Pathways, childbirth education, birthing classes and initial prenatal visits, will be converted to one-on-one visits according to these guidelines through the end of March, at a minimum.

All non-essential care will be rescheduled. If appropriate, you will be offered a video visit. This includes wellness visits and breast and bone density screening appointments (mammography and DEXA). Like many other healthcare providers in the Northwest and around the nation, WHA is rescheduling non-essential care to limit the community exposure of our patients, their families and our staff and providers—and to conserve medical supplies so we can continuing caring for those who need it. If you have a non-essential appointment scheduled while this policy is in place, we will contact you to reschedule.

We need your help to prevent the spread of illness, conserve resources and protect our healthcare workforce. If you have current symptoms of cold or flu (including cough, fever, sore throat, vomiting, runny nose or shortness of breath); exposure to someone suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19; or you have been instructed by a public health official to monitor your symptoms, please call us before coming in. Our goal is to make sure we are doing everything we can to limit community exposure, and that all our patients who need care can get it, safely.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and/or the Oregon Healthy Authority for the latest guidance on keeping you and your family healthy.