Updated: March 17, 2021, 5:00PM

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is prioritizing COVID-19 vaccine eligibility criteria and managing distribution of vaccine. WHA is not currently able to offer COVID-19 vaccines to patients. At this time, we are not keeping a waitlist for future vaccination. If this changes, we will let you know. For more information on determining your eligibility and vaccination sites near you, please visit the OHA’s COVID-19 vaccine website

Caring for you as safely as possible continues to be our highest priority. If you have an upcoming appointment, please click to review specific information before your visit:

Telehealth Video Visit >

In-Person Care >

Here are the precautions we’re taking to protect you and our teams:

Physical distancing. We are using alll the ways we can to follow the recommended guidelines for physical distancing in our offices and to limit unnecessary exposure of our patients, staff and providers. This includes:

  • only inviting patients to appointments (no partners, children or other support people); please read more about our support person policy, including new guidelines for prenatal ultrasound visits >
  • scheduling half as many people as we normally would for in-person care;
  • providing helpful visual reminders to #PracticeSafeSix throughout our offices;
  • working remotely, whenever possible (including telehealth visits); and
  • dramatically limiting in-person capacity (or continuing temporary closure) in our smallest offices.

Careful screening. All patients, staff and providers are screened every day before entering our offices (sometimes twice). We ask about close contact with someone known to have COVID-19, international travel within the last 14 days, and symptoms of COVID-19 . If any of our team screens positive, they go home following CDC recommendations for isolation or quarantine (in other words, 10 to 14 days). If any of our patients screens positive, we make arrangements to care for them at a separate location.

Universal masking. All patients, staff and providers wear masks while in WHA facilities. (Yep, it’s a drag, but we do it anyway because we care.) Please wear a clean fabric mask from home that fits well and covers your nose and mouth. Please remember to leave it on the whole time, even during your appointment—unless one of our team members asks you to remove it. If your mask doesn’t fit or is uncomfortable, we’re happy to give you a new one – just ask!

Wondering whether face shields alone or vented masks are enough? The short answer: nope!

Enhanced infection control. You’ll probably notice hand sanitizer in our offices (like, everywhere). You might see a friendly sign or two about proper hand hygiene. You may be wondering where last month’s issue of Oprah has been stashed. Or you could see our teams wiping things down more often. Bottom line: we’re going the extra mile to help prevent the spread of illness in our offices.

Telehealth. Hello, pandemic silver lining! Telehealth video appointments are a great alternative to in-person care for many types of appointments, including behavioral and mental health visits, birth control consultations, routine obstetric checks, some types of gynecology visits or even preventative care appointments. If you have an urgent need to speak with a medical provider, telehealth visits are typically available within just a day or two. This is one of those things we hope sticks around! Learn more >

For more information on COVID-19: