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PathWays Prenatal Care - Portland, Oregon

Pathways Prenatal Care

Pathways is a special type of prenatal care that combines the benefits of both individualized care and group learning with the goal of leaving you as prepared as possible to manage pregnancy, childbirth and infant care. One-on-one visits and group visits are scheduled at specific times during your pregnancy to assure the health of you and your baby.

Your one-on-one visits with your provider will focus on you — issues you’re having and information you need to make decisions that are right for your pregnancy. The visits are longer than in traditional care and focused on what you want to talk about, not just what you need to know.

Your group visits will focus on a variety of topics—choose whichever group best meets your schedule and information needs at that point in your pregnancy. Topics include Pregnancy Comforts and Concerns, Emotional Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition, Breastfeeding, Postpartum Prep and Newborn Care, and Delivery Preparation, among others.

Group visits are led by our Pathways OB/GYN providers and staff. In addition to information, discussion and the opportunity to ask questions, each group visit includes a brief one-on-one visit with the provider to check your belly and do other monitoring to assure the health of your pregnancy.

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