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Health Apps: Your Health in the Palm of Your Hand

The phrase “there’s an app for that” is really true when it comes to managing your health. The online tech publication Mashable estimates there are more than 40,000 mobile health apps for everything from accessing your medical records and recording your diet and exercise to managing chronic health conditions and quitting smoking.

Women's Health AppsA study published this week in the Archives of Internal Medicine suggests that using mobile apps in conjunction with diet and exercise can boost weight loss. Another published in the Journal of Medical Informatics Association “Information Week” finds that an online disease management program that transmits information through smartphones helped Type 2 diabetes patients significantly improve their A1C levels compared to patients receiving traditional care.

There are hundreds of mobile apps specifically related to women's health. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recently published a list of its favorite, some of which we’ve listed below. Be sure to read the reviews on any apps you’re considering – we don’t endorse and haven’t officially tested any of these.

Birth Control Reminders

  • myPill, PillReminder

Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle /Fertility 

  • Fertility Friend Mobile (iPhone / Android), Period Planner, iPeriod, My Days – Period & Ovulation

Pregnancy Info 

  • BabyBump, My Pregnancy Today, iPregnancy, mPregnancy (for men!)

Tracking Your Contractions 

  • iContraction, contraction timer/contraction timer delux

Weight Loss and Fitness Apps

  • myFitnessPal, MapMyWalk, Livestrong (various), Lose It!

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