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Partnership Assures a Doctor is Always Waiting

Oct 01, 2011

A partnership between Women’s Healthcare Associates, LLC and Providence St. Vincent Medical Center established Portland’s second OB/GYN hospitalist program in September. One of just 136 OB/GYN hospitalist programs nationwide, the joint program at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center assures availability of an OB/GYN physician 24/7 to provide immediate care for patients with emergency medical conditions or whose regular OB/GYN is en route, seeing patients in the office or in a scheduled surgery.

A hospitalist is a physician whose primary role is caring for patients in the hospital. Internal medicine, primary care and surgical hospitalists are common, numbering nearly 30,000 nationwide, according to the Society for Hospital Medicine. Unlike traditional OB/GYN doctors, OB/GYN hospitalists do not have the competing demands of office hours or scheduled surgeries. For pregnant patients who arrive at the hospital under urgent circumstances, the immediate availability of a specialist can make a significant difference in their safety and outcome.

“The OB/GYN hospitalists at St. Vincent Medical Center will help us care for the most at risk mothers and babies, not just from our own practice, but the whole community. Their presence provides peace of mind for everyone – for patients, for the hospital and for our clinical practice providers – whose ultimate concern is for the safety and wellbeing of patients,” says Women’s Healthcare Associates’ Chief Medical Officer Daniel Schrinsky, MD. “The fact that this effort is a partnership between Women’s Healthcare Associates and Providence St. Vincent Medical Center demonstrates our shared commitment to continuing to improve patient safety and outcomes.”

The Women’s Healthcare Associates OB/GYN hospitalists at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center include: Marguerite Cohen, MD, Janine Kruger, MD, Hallie Stosur, MDJennifer Hendrickson, MD and Stephen Girolami, MD.