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Dr. Mark Tomlinson on More Good Day Oregon

Sep 01, 2011

Perinatologist Mark Tomlinson, MD, MBA of Northwest Perinatal Center, taped a segment yesterday for Channel 12’s "More" Good Day Oregon morning program. The segment aired Friday, September 2nd at 9:00AM and Monday, September 5th on the afternoon program "Better" at 2PM. Watch the segment >

Dr. Tomlinson and host Kimberly Maus

Dr. Tomlinson and host Kimberly Maus discussed the future of elective deliveries in the Portland region and throughout the state, specifically the agreement, effective September 1st, made among 17 hospitals to discontinue "early term" elective inductions or c-sections (those performed between 37 and 39 weeks' gestation that are not medically indicated).

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