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Hit-and-Run Victim Delivers Healthy Baby Boy

Apr 22, 2011

The story of Alexandra Malusevic was featured in The Oregonian earlier this month. In January, while 29 weeks pregnant with her first child, Alex was the pedestrian victim of a hit-and-run accident that left her with a broken ankle, pelvis, and sacrum and a fractured lower spine. Remarkably, the baby was unharmed.

While recovering, Alex developed blood clots in her lungs and heart that threatened her life and that of her unborn child. She and her doctors were faced with the difficult decision of whether to use open heart surgery to remove the threat or leave it in place and hope for the best. Perinatologist Debra Guinn, MD of Northwest Perinatal Center stood by during the open heart surgery in case an emergency c-section was needed. Thankfully, both Alex and the baby made it through the surgery without incident.

Following surgery, Alex was at Northwest Perinatal Center for an ultrasound and appointment with Dr. Guinn when she mentioned an infection in her ankle. Dr. Guinn admitted her to the hospital. While there, doctors removed a suspicious mole on Alex’s thigh and determined it was Stage 2 melanoma, a deadly type of skin cancer.

Again faced with a difficult decision, Alex and her medical team decided the cancer could wait until after the baby was born. On Tuesday, March 28th, Dr. Guinn delivered 10lb, 10oz Maximilian by cesarean section.

We admire Alex for weathering her many trials over the past four months with composure and grace. We are thrilled for her and her partner, David Sproat, and we wish her the best in her ongoing treatment.

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